Oasis Galley

The staff at Naval Station Mayport's Ney Award-winning Oasis Galley takes great pride in its commitment to providing the finest food service available to our customers. The galley offers a variety of choices to suit any dietary needs. Offering healthy choices on the main line, as well as fast-food items such as cheeseburgers and hot dogs on the speed line. Open to authorized patrons only.

Naval Station Mayport - Oasis Galley Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday                                               Weekends/Holidays    

Breakfast            0600-0730                           Breakfast                   0730-0830

Lunch                    1100-1230                         Lunch                         1100-1230

Dinner                  1600-1730                          Dinner                       1600-1730


Galley Chow Line Number (number to call to listen to the menu) - 904-270-6857


337 Bailey Ave

Mayport, Fl 32227

Oasis Galley Phone Number: 904-270-5373