Lap swim available during normal hours of operation. 


Swim Stroke Training- Free for active duty only. Pre-registration required at the Natatorium. Meets every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm or 5pm depending on the current schedule. This class is designed to help develop, improve and refine stroke mechanics to help pass 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class qualifications. 

Amp It- Aquatic maximum power intense training with low impact and high resistance. Open class every Tuesday at 7am at the Natatorium or by appointment for commands. 

American Red Cross Specialty Courses
Lifeguarding- Must be at least 15 years old. Must pass a prerequisite swim test.
Certification good for 2 years. 
Lifeguard Instructor Course- Must be at least 17 years old. Must pass a prerequisite swim test.
Water Safety Instructor Course- Become a certified teacher. Must be at least 16 years old.
Prerequisite swimming skills required.

Learn to Swim Program- 6 levels of swimming (Instructors can provide private lessons by appointment)
Infant Parent Aquatic Program (IPAP) water orientation and adaptation recommended for 6 month to 3 years old. 

1- INTRODUCTION                                             4- IMPROVEMENT                 

2- FUNDAMENTAL                                             5- REFINEMENT

3- DEVELOPMENT                                             6- SPECIALTY COURSES

Youth Swim Team
Available to ages 6-10 & 11-17. The swim team grooms swimmers for competitive swimming. Helps improve and refine stroke through a variety of drills. Swimmers will learn how to dive of a platform, perform flips, turns and use a pace clock. Please contact the Aquatics Coordinator for additional information (904-270-3275/3276).

U. S. Masters Swimming is an Adult Swimming Fitness program that meets the needs of all swimmers from beginners to former Olympians. Our workouts are designed to help each swimmer met their individual goals ranging from improving their swimming skills, learning new strokes, prepping for the Navy PFA, qualifying for special warfare programs, getting ready for swimming competitions and Triathlons or just to add variety to their workout regimen.
Masters Swimming workouts are held at:
5:30-7am and 11am-1230pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday
4-5:30pm Tuesday & Thursday
Workouts are also posted on deck for those who can’t make the scheduled times. Please call the Natatorium for more details. (904- 270-3275).